Wordless Wednesday Got Wordy ( and possibly dangerous) : Why I Blog.

I planned to just “drop and run”, or I suppose in Internet terms, it would be “post and go”
Put up a picture of a recent project with a sentence or two, thank Vanessa Lewis for the photography, and that’s it: Wordless Wednesday.
Here it comes, but! I recall reading this post and it’s been bothering me that what I set out to do, my original idea for this blog, is not actually being fulfilled.

I love words. I love reading them, speaking them and even writing them. Although I would never consider myself a writer, I enjoy sharing my thoughts, experiences and random observations in word form. ( My fear of cameras has not lessened over the years so whilst a “single picture can speak a thousand words” I stick with the words)

I read Matt’s post a while back and was reminded of it again in December when interviewed on radio. The presenter introduced me to her listeners as a food blogger and I’ll be completely honest ( don’t hate me) I was irked. I never thought of myself as a food blogger and I never set out to create a food blog.
I have nothing, hold on before you lynch me, I said NOTHING against food blogs, it’s just Not.What.I.Do.

When I started this blog I planned to do just what the post suggested, create content. As I am primarily a food stylist I thought, why not write about my experiences of food styling? Share lessons learnt, basic tips on styling, behind the scenes experiences, planning advice etc.( I also hope I can debunk some of the ridiculous myths about food styling such as spraying varnish on the food )
I firstly wanted an original concept, as there are so many straight up food & recipe blogs out there, on the World Wide Web, moreover I wanted something unique and more individual than just regurgitated recipes.

The radio lady’s intro has sparked me to get back to the words, and I’m grateful. I don’t follow the numbers; they are not important to me. However, they clearly show this blog has a distinct niche and interested followers, for which I am even more grateful, so I am hopeful you’ll enjoy more words to go with the pictures.

I love what I do and I love sharing it with you.
Happy Wordy Wednesday!

Ps. For those who aren’t so interested in all the words the pretty pictures will be back next week.

Styling Taryne Jakobi. Photography Vanessa Lewis.


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