Workshops : Food Styling & Food Photography Workshop

Food Styling & Food Photography Workshop : Friday 19 JUNE 2019 

Everything you need to know about the art of Food Styling & Food Photography by award winning stylist & photographer team, Taryne Jakobi & Roelene Prinsloo

About Taryne Jakobi & Roelene Prinsloo

Taryne & Roelene have been working together for the past 10 years as a professional stylist and photography team, they bring with them years of experience in the industry and will demonstrate how they conceptualise, style, and shoot award winning images.

This course is perfect for you if you are :

  • A photographer wanting to expand their food photography and food styling knowledge.
  • An aspiring food or lifestyle stylist wanting to learn from an industry professionals
  • A foodie or creative social media buff who wants shots on their blog, Instagram or Pinterest to be to a cut above the rest.
  • A creative entrepreneur whose business relies on stunningly styled and photographed images,  such as a caterer or baker.

What the course covers

Taryne & Roelene will discuss the following topics 

  • What is Food Photography
  • Why the need for Food Photography
  • The types of food photography, editorial, commercial, and social media
  • Technical aspects of Food Photography:
  • Equipment 
  • Shutter speed, ISO, aperture and white balance
  • Natural light & studio flash 
  • Tethering to PC & shooting wireless 
  • Creative Elements of Food Photography: 
  • Depth of Field as a creative element 
  • Composition :How to work with composition in your food photography to create dynamic images 
  • Angles: what works and what doesn’t 
  • Lightening : Creating Tone & Mood in an image 
  • What is Food Styling 
  • Why the need for Food Styling 
  • Food Styling as a Creative Element of Food Photography 
  • Plating 
  • Props
  • Backgrounds
  • Garnishes 
  • Interacting with the food 
  • Good Vs Bad Styling 
  • Top Tips on Choosing Props 
  • Our Process – putting it all together : MoodBoard
  • Image Discussions
  • Q&A
  • Free Resources and Notes Hand Outs

Practical Demonstration & Hands On Workshop

Roelene & Taryne will set up and demonstrate how to style & shoot 5 different food scenes, including a flat lay, a dark & moody scene, a technical splash shot, and 2 scenes using available natural light.


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